Eyebrow Transplant

Why Women prefer it over other eyebrow forming techniques

Most women worry about the shape and the thickness of their eyebrows. The reasons for this vary. Over plucking their eyebrows to achieve what was in fashion fifteen years ago and failing to grow them back now that fuller “statement” brows are in fashion as showcased by supermodel Cara Delevingne and actress Keira Knightley is one of them.

However, the most common reason women lose their eyebrow hair is old age. Conditions such as Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata and “Hertoghe’s Sign” (see our Hair Loss Glossary page for more) which is cause by hypothyroidism may also result in eyebrow loss. Finally, even rubbing your eyebrows too much can lessen your eyebrow health. When women try to cover up the problem by using eyebrow pencils, the result often is even more hair loss.

So, how do women deal with eyebrow hair loss since using cosmetics may cause further harm? Some deal with it by using permanent makeup, which is also known as tattooing. Although this procedure may be safe when done by professionals and allows women to go through their everyday lives without having to cover their eyebrows with actual make up, it can be dangerous when done by amateurs. Serious allergic reactions to it may even require major reconstructive surgery. In addition, very often severe infections are caused. There have been documented cases of hepatitis C transmission because of permanent makeup procedures. Also, the result is usually quite obvious and doesn’t leave room for the individual’s hair to grow back naturally in that area or around it.

Therefore, the drastic treatment that is suggested to women nowadays is eyebrow transplant. It is a fairly easy but scientific procedure done by accomplished practitioners and the result is natural looking. In addition, it leaves room for your eyebrow hair to grow back as well. It can be used to achieve eyebrow restoration or enhance already existing eyebrows. Either way, it offers an aesthetically pleasing result and the client a choice on the thickness and the shape of the brow.

Furthermore the whole procedure is pain free and reasonably priced. The maximum cost it may have is £5,000. That is why it has become a standard beauty procedure numerous women go thought once in their life to restore their old eyebrows or create new ones.

Identifying and dealing with the problem that is responsible for your eyebrow hair loss is the first step doctors suggest patients take. However, because this does not always cause eyebrow restoration immediately or ever the cheapest, most long lasting, least dangerous and pain free solution is to have an eyebrow transplant.

A health problem does not have to be the only reason you ask for eyebrow transplant. It can be seen as an opportunity to create the type of eyebrows you always wanted. A full healthy set of eyebrows has been considered a sign of beauty the past the years. At such a small price there is no reason why somebody should deny it from themselves.

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