Transplant Finance Options

Here at the Cardiff Hair Transplant Clinic, we champion consumers in their quest to eliminate hair loss problems from their lives and get the confidence back that they may have lost by providing quality hair transplant procedures. Our main business model is providing the best quality in procedure at a clinic location that suits you at a competitive price and ensuring natural looking results.

The CQC registered clinics that we work with have finance options available for you to take advantage of in order to spread the payments over a longer amount of time to double ensure affordability and value.

What finance packages are available?

There are 2 main finance options available with the first being the most popular. They are:

  1. Deposit paid (% of treatment cost) with a 12 month payment plan. (interest rates vary)
  2. Deposit paid (% of treatment cost) with a 24 month payment plan. (interest rates vary)

As you can see, the best way to pay for your treatment is to book your Free Consultation. If you choose to go ahead with the procedure, you may then request a finance package which will then enable you to spread your payments over the chosen amount of months at a set price per month.

A Payment Plan Example

The figures to be discussed are based on a previous client. For data protection and client confidentiality, we are omitting their details.

  1. Client books through Hair Transplant Cardiff.
  2. Client attends the free consultation, discusses treatment and receives the RRP price followed by his discounted price (e.g. £4000).
  3. Client agrees on the discounted price and then asks about finance. The Clinic discusses finance agrees on a 12 months interest free payment plan (£1000 deposit paid with a £250 per month payment plan for 12 months).

Alternative Payment Options

Occasionally some clients do not qualify for the finance option which means that the full payment has to be made upfront. If you do not have the full amount, there is an alternative way to pay using your personal credit finance option. What this means is:

  • Apply for an interest free credit card on purchases.
  • Make payment with your interest free credit card.
  • Pay a monthly amount that will clear off the balance before interest is due to kick in.

For Example

If, like the above example, you have a £4000 payment to make in order to get the procedure, you can pay £1000 from the savings/account you have and then put the remaining £3000 on your interest free credit card. Usually these types of cards have an interest free duration of around 18-24 months. This means that instead of paying £250 per month for 12 months to the finance company, you pay £167 per month for 18 months to the credit card company to clear off the balance without accruing any interest.

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